Renewable Asset

Tax Free

Eco Friendly

Freehold Bulgarian Forest

Across the world, Bulgaria is renowned for the majesty of her natural landscape. The Bulgarian countryside is synonymous with vast expansive forests, complete escapism and unparalleled scenery.

Little can compete with this level of rural beauty. Such a complete, immersive experience of nature is something that we humans (with so many of us being stuck in busy, noisy cities throughout the working week) can’t help but seek out.

Owning a Bulgarian forest plot represents a real investment opportunity, both on a personal and environmental level. There are a huge number of benefits to be gained from wholeheartedly taking this chance of owning a piece of breathtaking forest land.

The potential reasons for choosing to invest include (but are not limited to):

  • Passive investment
  • Wildcrafting
  • Nature preservation
  • The cultivation of edible, medicinal or decorative specialty crops
  • The opportunity for you to diversify your existing property portfolio
  • An addition to your retirement plan
  • Access to free firewood for life (if you also own a residential property in Bulgaria)
  • The chance to immerse yourself in leisure pursuits, such as camping, foraging, nature spotting, horse riding, rambling, and so on.
  • The addition of campsites, caravan parks, and team building activities such as areas for paintballing
  • The erection of non-permanent structures, such as log cabins or container homes.

The joy and pride of owning land

There is something unparalleled about the sensational feeling of owning your own land. The feeling of freedom that comes with being able to stand on your own soil, stroll under your own trees and wander in a vast forest with complete privacy is a rare treat. Plus, access to this level of harmony and tranquility is something that has certainly been in short supply during the recent turbulent years.

Doing your bit to protect the environment

By investing in forest, you are also acting to protect. You can keep the landscape safe against the ever-present threat of future developers.

Plus, by ensuring your trees are not designated for felling, which would otherwise be the likely case if the land was purchased for commercial purposes, you are certainly doing your bit to help save the planet. Through your investment, the beauty of this natural environment will be preserved.

Offsetting your carbon footprint

By owning forest, you are successfully neutralising your carbon footprint, without even making any conscious effort. You will offset your carbon footprint by default, by simply allowing the trees to mature and flourish in your forest. If you have some time to spare, you could also plant more trees to make an even greater personal contribution towards the global battle against climate change.

Market Value

In terms of financial benefits forest land plots are a renewable asset. The forest naturally regenerates itself, meaning your plots hold their value without any effort or requirement from yourself.

In addition, it is important to note forest land prices in particular are rising globally. Despite recent local rises in land prices, Bulgaria still offers phenomenal value to new land owners, so right now is a great time to invest in forest.

Financial insurance and stable value.

As a type of investment, forest plots provide a solid level of insurance. Through this investment, your money is protected against all future recessions. Unlike conventional real estate – forest prices have never been affected by global events. Regardless of any future stock market or virtual currency crashes (or even if it’s the next Brexit 2.0, Covid-20 etc.), forest prices will remain steady, and trees will continue growing. We don’t know about you, but we find there’s something incredibly soothing in this sound knowledge.

Purchasing a Bulgarian forest land plot represents a viable, dependable and intuitive investment option for a wide variety of reasons. It holds great potential as a leisure opportunity, and acts as a secure way to invest your funds, which enables you to give something back to the environment at the same time. This investment opportunity truly represents the best of both worlds – you can protect Bulgaria’s sensational natural beauty, while seeing a significant return on your initial investment.

On a final note, everyone will be pleased to learn Bulgarian forest land plots are tax-free!

If you’d like to learn more about how you can own and invest in Bulgarian forest land, don’t hesitate to reach out.