Freehold Bulgarian Forest

A renewable, tax-free, and eco-friendly asset.

Owning a Bulgarian forest plot represents a real investment opportunity, both on a personal and environmental level. Potential reasons for choosing to own forest include (but are not limited to):


Log Cabins and Container Homes

Free Responsibly Sourced Firewood

Passive Investment



The cultivation of edible, medicinal, or decorative specialty crops.

Portfolio Diversity

The opportunity for you to diversify your existing property portfolio.

For Leisure

Have unlimited access to leisure activities such as camping, foraging, nature spotting, horse riding, rambling, and more.

Why Purchase Bulgarian Forest?

Financial Benefits

In terms of financial benefits forest land plots are a renewable asset. The forest naturally regenerates itself, meaning your plots hold their value without any effort or requirement from yourself.

Value Remains Steady

Unlike conventional real estate – forest prices have never been affected by global events. Regardless of any future stock market or virtual currency crashes forest prices will remain steady, and trees will continue growing.

Investment Opportunity

This investment opportunity truly represents the best of both worlds – you can protect Bulgaria’s sensational natural beauty, while seeing a significant return on your initial investment.

Tax Free

On a final note, everyone will be pleased to learn Bulgarian forest plots are tax-free!

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